1939 12th St. NW, Washington, DC 20009 | Open 5pm Tue-Fri, 2pm Sat

Happy Hour 5-6pm
$2 off wine by the glass

Our story is simple, the concept for our small business was always rooted in friendship, which like any valued relationship, must be evaluated, recommitted, and earned. Barkada Wine Bar is committed to being a welcoming space for friends of all backgrounds, a neighborhood business that strives to make the DC community a force for good and platform that uplifts.

The word Barkada is a Filipino word meaning a group of friends. The owners are a close group of friends who bonded over wine and wanted to create an intimate space where people can gather with their friends and meet others who share the same love for wine.

We believe that good wine isn’t necessarily expensive. Our team is committed to spotlighting small, under-represented winemakers that are raising the bar to produce vintages that are complex in taste and approachable in price. We specialize in natural wine and love to talk about it.

Natural wine can be an encompassing term, including organic and biodynamic farming, use of native yeasts rather than commercially purchased, minimal if any sulfites added to preserve and stabilize, and no fining or tight filtration. Essentially, take care of grapes in the field, and don’t intervene too much with nature.

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Four curated bottles per month for $99 per month. Styles range from the adventurous and funky to elegant and classic, and I'll give you tips on when to open and why, usually based on what's going on each month in DC. Pick up in store, starting the first full weekend of the month.
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