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1939 12th St. NW, Washington, DC 20009 | Open 5pm Wed-Fri, 2pm Sat-Sun | Happy Hour 5-6pm 

Happy Hour 5-6pm
$2 off wine by the glass
We will be closed for the week of Thanksgiving 25-29 November.
We look forward to seeing you on 2 December

We started off on the wrong foot, so we spent time re-thinking our brand and what we stand for. The concept for our small business was always rooted in friendship, which like any valued relationship must be evaluated, recommitted, and earned. In our process of listening to our community and learning from friends, old and new, we began collaborating with a Filipina-owned social media/marketing company and sought out partnerships with brands that we are proud to carry. Many of them are BIPOC, LGBTQ, and female-owned that support immigrants and indigenous communities.


We live in a time where our world demands our empathy and expects that we honor each other’s truth, roots, and humanity. We are moving ahead, fully aware of the responsibility we carry, by virtue of our name - a beautiful word that we hold as our ideal.


Barkada Wine Bar is committed to being a welcoming space for friends of all backgrounds, a neighborhood business that strives to make the DC community a force for good and platform that uplifts.


We believe that good wine isn’t necessarily expensive. Our team is committed to spotlighting small, under-represented winemakers that are raising the bar to produce vintages that are complex in taste and approachable in price.


Come by and bring a friend.


Anthony, Nick, and Nate

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Our curated selection of four bottles each month
$99 per month, pickup in store
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WSET Level 2 Scholarship

We're committed to diversifying the world of wine by sponsoring a BIPOC sommelier-in-training.  We are sending one of you to earn your WSET Level 2 certification at the Capital Wine School!
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Barkada Wine Bar

1939 12th St. NW

Washington, DC  20009

Tel: 202-289-7588

Status: Opened